Paris, December 21, 2021 – Sagard NewGen announces that it has acquired a minority stake in Groupe Destaing from its founder, Ms. Cécile Destaing.

Founded by a multidisciplinary team, Groupe Destaing is an animal health laboratory distributing its products under two recognized brands, Laboratoire Destaing and MP Labo, respectively specialized in (i) diagnostic products & treatment of veterinary allergies and (ii) hygiene products & natural food supplements for pets.

Pioneer in natural animal health, the Group has a portfolio of innovative products including 60+ references and covering several therapeutic areas ranging from mobility to digestion and behavioural disorders.

MP Labo and Laboratoire Destaing develop their products based on a global approach of animal health considering the most recent scientific knowledge. The latest product launches based on natural and organic plant active ingredients, formulated under veterinary supervision and on the basis of scientific proof of efficiency, harmlessness and safety for both pets and their owners, showcase the Group’s expertise.

Beyond its scientific rigor, the Group is committed to environmental responsibility, promoting respect of Human, Animal and Nature at each stage of production.

Cécile Destaing, supported by a team of veterinary experts and pharmacists, has succeeded in positioning Groupe Destaing as one of the leaders in its market with strong brand reputation among veterinarians.

The operation consists in the acquisition of a minority stake by Sagard NewGen from Cécile Destaing, and opening of a larger share of the capital to managers. This transaction also marks the beginning of a new development phase for Groupe Destaing, whose ambitions are to accelerate its international expansion, its pace of innovation and implement a digital strategy by leveraging on Sagard NewGen’s experience as a sparring partner.

We wanted to open a new chapter in the history of Groupe Destaing. Sagard NewGen team worked hard to put our requirements and our company’s ambition into perspective, with attentiveness and benevolence, with professionalism and rigor. Our shared values are a real catalyst for an inspiring and exciting project. We are delighted to have true partners to build our future together.
Cécile Destaing
Founder of Groupe Destaing
We were impressed by what Cécile Destaing and her team have achieved. The Group has grown by combining innovation with respect for animals and environment. The Group’s values, its scientific approach and ambition convinced us. We are delighted to accompany the Group in its next phase of development and particularly happy to open the capital to managers who have contributed and will continue to contribute to the success of the company.
Bérangère Barbe, Agnès Huyghues Despointes and Guillaume Lefebvre
Partners at Sagard NewGen

Parties involved in the transaction: 

Groupe Destaing: Cécile Destaing

Sagard: Agnès Huyghues Despointes, Bérangère Barbe, Guillaume Lefebvre, Louis Gosselin

Founder advisors : Wil consulting (Jacques Ittah, André Haik), Delaby&Dorison (Emmanuel Delaby, Romain Hantz) & Valoren (Christine Le Breton, Capucine Mesas)

Sagard advisors : Indefi (Nicolas Lamour), Advance Capital (Olivier Poncin, Gueorgui Gueorguiev, Marine Vernay), Fieldfisher (Pascal Squercioni, Natalia Toribio)